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Diane Ponzo

United States

I’m really enjoying my ooLango sessions! The sessions are fun yet challenging! Highly recommend for someone who wants to learn a new language!

Testimonial Mexico oolango



Comfortable team to practice your conversational skills, and learn a new vocabulary.

Testimonial bolivia oolango



Each session touches on an interesting and different topic.  Activities are fun!  They help you to learn new words

Testimonial Mexico oolango



I have been taking classes English classes in the most ordinary/usual way  for a very long time in my life until I came across with ooLango’s Best Hour. It’s the fact of interacting with real English natives speakers that makes it.  Also, exam-free tasks make it so unique compared to the rest of the institutions I’ve been to. Highly recommended.

Testimonial Argentina

Juan Carlos


Lovely environment; lovely virtual friends.  It’s easy and practical to learn